Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency roof repair may be required after severe weather because leakage into a building can occur at any time (nights, holidays, weekends, etc.). Caution: It is generally not advisable to attempt roof repairs until after the severe weather has ceased, due to the danger of high winds and the possibility of a lightning strike. Contact us for a free estimate

Caution should be exercised when inspecting a roof after there has been severe weather, or when there is suspect damage to the roofing assembly, because storm damage may have left the roof in a hazardous condition. If the roof condition is questionable, have a professional roofing contractor perform the inspection and necessary repairs.

Emergency roof repair procedures should be as simple as possible so they may be performed safely. These repairs should be considered temporary. Permanent repairs should be made by a professional roofing contractor as soon as weather permits.

If the roofing system is under a manufacturer’s warranty, the roofing material manufacturer, the installing contractor should be contacted as soon as possible. Also your Insurance company should be contact to file any necessary claims.